Welcome to the thoughts of a newbie obsessive Mac user

2 01 2009

I’m a recent Mac switcher, having gone from never seeing OSX to running it exclusively at home 5 Months later. I’ve found the OS so in tune with the way I think that it has already become a major obsession in my life.

18 Months later from getting my 1st Mac and I’m remote free-tech-support for several other Mac systems operated by people who’ve been Mac users a great deal longer than I have.

I’ve created MacOCD as a way of journalling and sharing discoveries I make along my OSX discovery path. I’m hoping that this diary will not only appeal, not only to fellow recent ‘switchers’, but also to more experienced Mac users who may find information and opinion on applications they have missed, overlooked or may simply been unaware of.

I have the time and the enthusiasm, my knowledge is growing daily. Please be mindful though that my opinions are those of a recent convert and therefore there will be limitations through inexperience.